Organizational Development

Situation: One of the nation’s leading insurance companies desired to socialize a new vision, and the strategies by which they planned to achieve their vision, across their entire employee base. Process/Methodology: AIM Consulting Associates conducted a series of vision socialization workshops that engaged every employee in the “operationalization” of the vision. The workshops empowered employees to define the employee behaviors that were essential to the Company executing its strategy. The output of the workshops was an agreed upon set of behavioral competencies that were celebrated at a company-wide “launch event.” The competencies, which define “a new way of doing business” at the firm, have been incorporated into the performance appraisal and leadership development systems. Additionally, a new set of customer service standards have been developed to further promote optimal customer interaction. Results: The effort was so successful that within the first quarter following the launch event, the company realized an astounding and unprecedented 11% growth in overall profits.
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