Conflict Management

AIM Consulting Associates wrote the book on managing conflict in the workplace. Our vast experience with conflict resolution, union-management relations, and building negotiating skills has led to a step-by-step system for resolving conflict. We offer programs on how to improve negotiating capabilities to yield results. We advise companies on labor-management negotiating strategies and how to institute and maintain labor-management cooperation programs. We provide expertise on how to manage conflict and develop systematic risk management approaches to preventing and mitigating conflict. We offer programs on how to improve negotiating capabilities to yield results.

"You were dead on with your assessment of our work climate. Now we have a roadmap to begin to manage our relationships and solve our employee satisfaction issues."

Director of Human Resources Large Service Organization

Conflict Management Services Include:

Training for those wishing to hone their workplace conflict resolution and management skills.
Mapping out a company-appropriate system to resolve conflicts in the workplace.
Dispute resolution processes and techniques that address disputes between parties wishing for an agreement short of litigation.
Discovering and implementing necessary strategies to assist in negotiations.
Learning the negotiating technique of win-win, in which both parties can live with the outcome. Providing a framework for consensus decision-making.
Understanding how to build effective relationships with customers and clients, team members, and managers.
A process focused specifically on developing effective approaches to conducting labor relations to achieve the goals of both the organization and the union.
The process of settling disputes through good faith efforts to arrive at a settlement agreement.