AIM Consulting Associates delivers packaged and customized training onsite in the many categories listed below. Additionally, we offer training needs analyses to ensure the training is designed to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Supervisory and Management:
Performance Management
Contingency Leadership
Crisis Leadership
Leadership Values
Executive Leadership Seminars
Leveraging Team Diversity
High Performing Team Development
Effective Team Decision-Making
Goal and Role Clarification
Organizational Development:
Applying Contemporary Interventions to your Organization
Change Management
Change Resiliency
Strategy 101: Creating a Hierarchy of Strategic Intent
Building a Balanced Scorecard
Strategic Project Execution
Customer Service:
Customer Service Standards
Service Delivery
Negotiations and Conflict Management:
Best Practices in Negotiations
Resolving Conflict
Labor-Management Cooperation
Process Improvement:
Process Mapping and Analysis
Improving Processes
Managing Process Change